Griffin's Dad is an inventor who invented a hand grabbing machine but would go berserk and punch objects,glass and even people. He claimed it was because it was and prototype and hadn't been tweaked to perfection. It was this invention, however, that got him and his family back on their feat when he accidentally used it as a weapon to attack Swindell which made police officers want to know how it worked and payed him enough money to keep the house that he was going to have to sell.

Biography Edit

Not much is known about him except that he married and had a son whom he named Ben Dupree.

He and his family began to become bankrupt and would have to sell their house and move into the country on their Aunt's farm, which Ben was against, as his inventions were refused at his office, which resulted in him being fired and having none to little money left.

He designed a new pickup device which would allow people to pickup objects with relative ease from far distances. However, it would break down and fling out and attack the nearest thing within reach weather it be a vase, a glass wall or even a person.

He soon realised his invention was useless and tried to chicken out during the demonstration at a hotel until his son and The Swindle Six arrived chasing Mr. Swindell. His device activated and punched Swindell roughly 10 feet backwards.

This impressed nearby police officers so much that they wanted to know how it worked to use to help capture criminals and offered him some high amount of cash, according to Ben. With that they were no longer bankrupt, allowing Ben to spend the money he got on auction, not on the house, but on other things.